MACCHI joins the 12th European Conference on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers

Macchi – a Division of Sofinter was proud to publish a technical paper “High performance Ultra low nox burner for industrial boilers” to the 12thEuropean Conference on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers (InFuB) held on the 10th and 11th of November 2020.

In the frame of R&D project BE4Greens supported by Regione Puglia, Macchi, the boiler brand of the SOFINTER Group, in cooperation with CCA (Combustion and Environment Research Center) and ITEA and Polytechnic of Bari, designed, engineered and tested an innovative ultra-low NOx gas burner for industrial boiler application. A full scale 45 MWTH burners has been successfully tested obtaining “single digit” ppm NOx emission. The burner is an industrially proven technology and will satisfy most stringent NOx emission in all countries,

This is a further important step confirming Macchi commitment to environment and targeting zero emission.

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The paper is available here