Choosing a safe online pharmacy in Italy

During the quarantine period, people more often use online services because of convenience and profitability. Thus, most online pharmacies deliver orders to the specified address at a time convenient for the customer.

Farmacia Dahò Gallarate [Rating: 4.6]
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 9 FARMACIE, 21013 Gallarate VA, Italy | +39 0331 791316 |

I like Farmacia Dahò Gallarate only because it’s close to my home. The issue I have is that every time I am told to come back for meds for my dog, they’re not ready. I am always told to pick it up on date X, and every time I get there, they tell me it’s not ready, and it will be an hour. So my suggestion to anyone using this pharmacy… call them so they will start it and don’t waste your time driving there cause it won’t be ready if you just show up.

Great staff, very clean place, excellent customer service, I have been going here for about five years my doctor sent me here I Love how they do things here!!

Farmacia Tenconi Gallarate (Varese) [Rating: 4.0]
Piazza Giovanni XXIII, 9, 21013 Gallarate VA, Italy | +39 0331 793164 |

WHY did I EVER go to CVS Pharmacy?! I have cried MULTIPLE TIMES because of how impossible and terrible they are, yet I kept going! Finally, they stopped carrying my medication, so I looked around. Thank goodness I did! The folks who run Farmacia Tenconi Gallarate (Varese) are INCREDIBLE. The first time I called, the lady spent SO much time on the phone with me, called back with answers, and remembered me when I called a week later. Since then, they have been NOTHING but incredible, friendly, and HELPFUL! Seriously, this feels like your family’s neighborhood pharmacy; I’m so thankful I found them, YOU NEED TO STOP GOING TO CVS!

Initially, I was so very disappointed. I called to make sure someone would be available to administer a vaccine, and they said to come after 1 pm. I get there at 2:50 pm, and they tell me the person just left for their 1-hour lunch. After I sat there a few minutes, he came back (still couldn’t get the shot), but I can honestly say they were SUPER nice and even went out of their way to call over to a closer store so I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back out their location.

Farmacia Gallaratese [Rating: 4.9]
Via Torino, 23, 21013 Gallarate VA, Italy | +39 0331 073117 |

I’ve been getting excellent, prompt service for years. No pharmaceutical advertising in the lobby. Quality otc products. I recently had a problem with my Rx, and Kate remade it immediately, with politeness and reassurance. So appreciative.

To the pharmacists that refused to fill my mother’s prescription for whatever made-up policy you created in your head… your service was horrible. We have been going to Farmacia Gallaratese for years and never had such an issue, and to bespoke down to was even worse. This was purely one person having no respect for the other and failing to do their job once they realized they were wrong. When you have an FSA card and a doctor writes a prescription for an OTC medication, your job is to fill the script with the OTC medication via the pharmacy so it can be covered under the FSA account. You missed this in training, and it shows. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Farmacia Riva [Rating: 4.4]
Via L. Riva, 8, 21013 Gallarate VA, Italy | +39 0331 245691 |

Excellent. I love the med-pack they put my dad’s medications in. Everything is so much well organized. It is easy to buy Modafinil, and my father loves it! I used to spend 2 hours a day just to organize them in pillboxes after getting them from our former pharmacy, considering that he takes about 10 medications. Now it all gets taken care of at this pharmacy, and they deliver it to us at home. They even packaged the vitamins and other supplements. You can’t beat that. If you or someone you know is taking 3 or more medications, I recommend you ask them to package it for you. Your life will be so much easier. We have been using them for 6 months now and have not once had a problem with this pharmacy. I Love this place!

I am VERY disappointed with Farmacia Riva. I get over ten scripts a month. I am on disability and on a very tight budget. One of their brands for one of my scripts didn’t work on me, so they had to order a different brand, so they charged me an extra 10 dollars, and that not a one-time charge. It’s every month Bandy’s went thru four different brands before he found one that worked for me NEVER charged me extra I wanted to shop locally, but now I must find a different pharmacy, and btw I’ve asked to talk to Eric, but I guess he didn’t want to talk to me about this I think they are mean to me hope you all have a better experience then I did.

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