Research and development

Sofinter Group strongly supports research and development of its subsidiaries, urging them to the continuous improvement of existing products and to the study of alternative technical solutions, with the constant goal of improving quality and reliability.
The design and production of a new form of clean energy, developed by Itea and the availability of the CCA “Centro Combustione Ambiente”, one of the leading European research and development centers on the combustion with low production of pollutants, make Sofinter Group a player in the development of a sector which is determining for world economy.
An example of the results of Sofinter Group is the new technology developed by Itea, called flameless oxy-combustion, producing energy with next to zero emissions, without chimneys and free of harmful waste.
The technology, using oxygen-enriched air in reactor at high temperatures and pressures, has several applications:

  1. Energy from industrial waste
  2. Energy from coal
  3. Energy from biomass

Other opportunities are:

  • Energy from asphaltenes/crude oil
  • Energy from pet – coke (the last product of oil processing, that is the reject of waste)
  • Co2 production for a high exploitation of oil wells


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