Code of Ethics

The Sofinter Group, including the company Sofinter S.p.A. and its subsidiaries, is a lead in the international market of energy. Sofinter Group produces and sells plants and components for the production of steam for industrial use and for the production of electricity, for the treatment and incineration of wastes and for the treatment of water, including also Operation & Maintenance services.

The Group’s primary objective is to broaden activities within both its core business and new sectors, to be pursued also through a progressive international expansion.

Given the international nature of the business and in order to establish and maintain a trust relationship between the Group and other stakeholders, is required, above all, the respect of the laws, in the knowledge that legal rules can not, however, be enough and that must be accompanied by a set of ethical principles, both general and specific, able to influence behavior and individual and collective choices for the best pursuit of the interests involved.

In order to define, with clarity and transparency, the values to which the Group conforms in order to achieve its objectives and to set out and clarify its ethical/social responsibilities and undertakings with the various internal and external operators referred to above, this Code of Ethics has been drawn up as “Charter of Fundamental Rights and Duties”.

The Code also aims to introduce and enforce the principles and rules of conduct to prevent the crimes listed in the Legislative Decree. n. 231 dated June 8, 2001 on the liability of legal persons, to be added to the liability of the individual who actually committed the crimes.

In accordance with requirements set out by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in the companies Sofinter S.p.A., AC Boilers S.p.A., Itea S.p.A. and Europower S.p.A., in addition to this Code of Ethics, has been adopted an Organizational Model of Management and Control.

The respect and observance of the Code of Ethics are an essential part of the contractual obligations of the Employees pursuant to Articles 2104 and 2106 of the Italian Civil Code.

Sofinter Group Code of Ethics

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