Our products are exclusive for several reasons: each of them is the result of our innovation and great know-how in our business. We manufacture our products in accordance with quality standards and by integrating systems and technologies, on the base of our “History” but always paying attention to the “Future”. Our slogan is the constant “challenge to innovation”.

AC Boilers

  • Ultrasupercritical and supercritical utility boilers, as well as subcritical drum type boilers for power plants, coal, oil and gas firing.
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators operating downstream gas turbines for combined cycle power plants: horizontal gas flow and natural circulation, once through, vertical gas flow.
  • Large capacity boilers for biomass and municipal waste
  • Combustion system for NOx emission reduction


  • Fired Industrial Boilers: oil, gas, coal and biomass firing and multifuel firing
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) downstream Gas Turbine for cogeneration plants, available with supplementary and fresh air firing mode with automatic change-over
  • Waste Heat Boilers (WHB) for industrial process heat recovery and waste to energy application
  • Marine Boilers (auxiliary and propulsion) and heat recovery integrated modules for fixed offshore platforms, FPSO vessels and FLNG
  • Combustion Systems and Low NOx Burners


  • Isotherm Pwr ® Flameless Oxycombustion, produces low-cost energy (steam and electricity) by flexible use of low ranking fuels such as waste, heavy oils, pet coke, and coal, while meeting strict environmental regulations


  • Engineering and feasibility studies for industrial plants.
  • Construction and management of industrial plants for the production of energy.

CCA “Centro Combustione Ambiente”

  • Support to development or to qualification of products.
  • Design and development of systems or “custom” components according to customer’s specification.

SWS “Saline Water Specialists”

  • Seawater desalination systems with MED (Multi Effect Distillation), MSF (Multi Stage Flash), MVC (Mechanical Vapor Compression) processes.
  • Water treatment systems (filtration, deoiling, demineralization, special processes).
  • Condensate treatment systems (filtration, deoling and polishing).
  • Water deaeretion for boilers (thermal deaerators and flash daerators operating under vacuum condition).

News and Communications
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