Our values

Our values define who we are and how we behave, they are always the focus of our work, of our deepest beliefs and of our core principles. All women and men in our Group are required to share, respect and promote them.

Honesty: keep our promises to deserve the confidence of those who work with us, act transparently and take the responsibility of our actions.

Services: provide effective and flexible solutions for our customers’ needs in order to build strong partnership.

Teamwork: obtain the best results by working together and enhancing the role of single persons, colleagues and customers.

Respect: respect people, customers, shareholders and communities and pay special care to respect the environment in which we operate. Our duty is improving the quality of life and the progress of society.

Skill: devote our energies to improve constantly results and services. Doing well is not enough, we want to be “Masters”.

Timeliness: always act with the utmost care, promptness and timeliness in order to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

Continuous renewal: innovation is essential; for this reason we get over commonplaces with research to study new ways to produce energy.

The Group also shares, supports, applies and integrates within its sphere of influence, a whole range of universal principles in matters of human rights, labor standards, environment protection and anti-corruption fight, deriving from:

  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration;
  • the Rio Declaration;
  • the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

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