Health & Safety

Health and Safety in the workplace are of essential importance for Sofinter and the Company operates in full compliance with all applicable Laws and Regulations, committing itself to the continuous improvement of its performance.
The Company has developed and applies a Worker Health and Safety Management System certified according to ISO 45001: 2018.

The main Health and Safety objectives of Sofinter are aimed at:

  • Evaluation, control and minimization of all risks for employees, suppliers and contractors;
  • Prevention and elimination of hazards at source, during the design and definition of business strategies;
  • Prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, also through the monitoring of near misses and individual behavior;
  • Involvement of all workers for raising culture and improving corporate safety levels.



Sofinter considers environmental protection to be a priority objective, to be pursued by defining appropriate strategies in full compliance with current legislation, with a view to continuous improvement.

The Company has developed and applies an Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

The main environmental objectives of Sofinter are dedicated to:

  • Pollution prevention and respect for the environment;
  • Protection of heritage and environmental assets, reducing and optimizing the consumption of resources;
  • Minimization of the environmental impacts related to its activities, to those of suppliers and contractors;
  • Research of the best available technologies, which allow business development with a view to sustainable development.


To do this, Sofinter has adopted a specific organizational structure, with coordination at Group level, which oversees and manages the environmental, health and safety aspects in all workplaces and company facilities (construction sites, workshops and offices) and a system of responsibility for the employer and his delegates.

The Delegations of functions on the aspects of Environment, Health and Safety are shared and disclosed internally by the organization and are available, upon formal request, also to the external third parties concerned.

The values ​​of Environment, Health and Safety and the fundamental principles are expressed in the Environment, Health and Safety Policy of the Sofinter Group.

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