SWS joins to Water-Mining Consortium

SWS is happy to announce its membership to the Water-Mining Consortium.

The Water-Mining project has been granted by the European Commission under the HORIZON 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
Circular economy and sustainable solutions are key factors leading the project.

Scope is to demonstrate the feasibility of a ‘water smart’ economy and society in which all available water resources are managed in such a way as to avoid water scarcity and pollution, increase resilience to climate change, appropriately manage water-related risks, and ensure that all valuable substances that could be obtained from waste water treatment processes, or are embedded in used water streams, are recovered.

SWS participates to the Consortium as the selected technology provider for the Multiple Effect Distillation: the conventional MED sea water desalination process is re-visited to maximize the fresh water production while returning a highly concentrated brine, close to the saturation point.

A demo package will be installed in the Italian island of Lampedusa and exploiting the waste heat recovery from the diesel generators of the existing power plant.

The project has been launched Oct 2020 and the demo unit is planned to be operative by the 3rd quarter 2021.